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Checking in with you, the Besties

This is just a check-in with you, our beautiful listeners.


The TL:DL is that there is some real life health stuff going on that has meant we've had to take a temporary pause in the podcast.


Do not fear, however, we will be back... dudes and dudettes we got some GREAT stuff for you.

Season 11 - Episode 37 -One in theStinks

Grot and Dante can smell trouble. And it stinks.

Season 11 -Episode 36 - A Rapid Response

Grot and Dante are back. With a small army of former slaves. And there is nothing else that could possibly make them more powerful, nothing at all. Cue intro music...

Season 11 - Episode 35 -Hire a Squire

Sorry about the delay. Grot and Dante are having some remote fun...and Grot has found a new young friend. Someone to train and help. That can't go horribly wrong again, can it?

Season 11 - Episode 34 - Emancipation and Mutilation

There are slaves to be saved...or you know...used. Depending on how immoral you feel like being.

Season 11 - Episode 33 - A Bowl of Coco Pops

We recorded remotely. We had to say Coco Pops to try and sync the recordings. We did silly things. I hope you're happy.

Season 11 - Episode 33 - Goodness Gracious Cannonballs are Fired

Someone fires the cannon. That's all that matters this week. It was Chekov's cannon and it gets fired. Who fires it? At whom? From wherefore? Question marks?

Season 11 - Episode 31 - Comic Convoy

I know...I know. I suck. Too long a wait.

But it is here. The next installment of the Formal Gamer. 


And it is just as chaotic and violent as ever.  And silly. So silly

Season 11 - Episode 30 - Caravan-guard

Grot, Dante and Rill are hunting for VENGEANCE. And that means some serious violence is on the cards. Hoar forgive anyone who dares to get in their way.


Stay safe


The Formal Gamer Guys

Season 11 - Episode 29 - Get out of Fail Free Card

Another lockdown episode. Sorry I got behind again. This is classic plans and failing at plans that you want from the Formal Gamer. 


Stay safe


The Formal Gamer

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