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Season 11 - Episode 12 - Living the Scheme

Oh things are getting schemey again...Death Island is coming along...

Season 11 - Episode 11 - Angling For Trouble

You're about to hear an epic tale...ENJOY

Season 11 - Episode 10 - Little Miss Information

Grot and Dante are still skulking and scheming. That is their default setting to be fair. If they are not skulking then they're scheming, and if you can't see them scheming you can bet they'll be skulking. I'm not sure when they find time to be useless.


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Season 11 - Episode 09 - Clowns are In-Tents

We are in the throws of running away and running toward. Just a lot of running. Mainly to get out of trouble, but also to make sure that Gorlock is ok. 

At some point they need to get into this circus and start looking at these tents...

Season 11 - Episode 08 - Subtle to a Tea

Sorry I'm late. I feel like Gorrus, but in real life. Shooo Shorrry.  

Dante and Grot have been causing chaos, but now they have some stuff to get done. And there is no way that they could get into more trouble. They just need to get to town and buy some supplies. so simple.

Season 11 - Episode 07 - If A Clown Screams in The Forest Does It Make A Sound?

Grot and Dante just can't stop finding naughty circus folk. And when they find naughty circus folk then there is some violence-a-coming. Let's just hope that neither one of them loses sight of what's important...

Season 11 - Episode 6 - It Just Keeps Happening

Dante definitely meant to stab Gorlock. Grot doesn't realise this. So that's another great moment in the most awkward friendship. Poor, poor, Gorlock.

Grot and Dante have got a funfair to investigate. It will definitely be a subtle affair, that we know. And no one will get stabbed.


Season 11 - Episode 05 - Kicked Out The Bar

This gets awkward. I can't say too much about it, but it is going to get really awkward.  Grot has a son now...and if anything happened to him then he would be furious.  So, so furious.

Season 11 - Episode 4 - A Meal, Drink and Dancing

Grot and Dante are investigating a small innocent town. There is something up, but uncovering it is going to take subtlety, care and attention. So this is the perfect team for the job.

Season 11 - Episode 03 - A Dairy Tale

Grot and Dante have decided that this plan, to subtley infiltrate an evil cult, needs them to take on a ward and befriend a family of farmers. This will of course never go wrong, and will never become stupid or complicated. IT JUST WON'T HAPPEN.

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