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Season 09 - Episode 08 - Weasily The Best Episode Ever

March 10, 2018

We introduce a new character to the mix today.  Check out our Facebook or Twitter to see the art work before you listen. He is incredible. Another wonderful work by the amazing Alice.


Locke and Key are in a bit of trouble. Marlow is less than impressed with their efforts so far, and has said he's bringing in a professional. How will the brothers cope with this new dynamic, and who will lead the gang in this case?


Here is a link to the new store at Threadless. Go and bathe in its magnificence. Or order a t-shirt. Or don't. You know it really is up to you.

here is the podcast I did reading my novel. If you have a second give it a quick listen. Let me know what you think. But be gentle if you hate it.